Falls Group

The representative of this group said that 2013 is when the PCTs hand over commissioning to GPs. She said that the government ethos was for services to be purchased closer to home, however, although there is a Falls service in the Medway area and Swale people could access it if they were willing to go to Medway, there was no service available in Swale where it was needed. She said that even when the GPs took over the budgets, there was no indication as to whether they would fund such a service. She was asked if GPs were working towards the change over and she said that GPs had still not decided whether to ‘go it alone’ in Swale or merge with a much bigger area like Medway. She said people were fearful that if they merged, Swale would have a minority input to decisions.


Age UK are campaigning for more provision of Falls services. Click on the link below for more information

Preventing falls in later lifer