Transport Project Summary                                                                                                                 

Transport Sub Group

Chairman of this group, Jim Mitchell, said that the leaflets that the sub-group had produced as part of the Project had now been printed and were available for general circulation. He asked that members each took away a quantity and distribute them. If any more were needed, they were being stored at Swale CVS.  Every member of SSF would be sent a leaflet in the next mail out.

The Chairman said the Buddy and Signpost service hosted by Swale CVS was now operational on 01795 473828. The aim of this service was to assist people using public transport  - possibly for the first time - to access the information they needed and the Buddy service to accompany people should they wish. The Chairman said that a pilot scheme had tested the service and found it to be successful.

The Website was fully operational and once again asked for members input to the content of it. It can be seen at

The question of producing a timetable leaflet could be produced was raised and this would be looked at. Meantime a KCC leaflet giving bus timetables could now be found on the SSF website.

One of the members said it might be useful to try and find out how many members had access to the website. This question could be put to members either in the newsletter or a  mail out, although it would depend upon people replying to gain a proper idea.