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Concessionary Bus Pass


Nationwide Concessionary Bus Pass information


Swale Borough Council provides a concessionary travel scheme that allows residents of Swale over the age of 60 or those with a disability free travel on all local bus services nationwide.

How does the bus pass scheme work?

The permit can be used during off-peak hours which in Kent are 9.00am until the last bus Monday to Friday and at any time during weekends and public holidays. Other areas may vary as the statutory requirement for this service is 9.30am until 11.00pm Monday to Friday, and any time of day weekends and public holidays.

You must show a valid pass every time you travel.

The permit is valid until its expiry date. A new pass is sent out automatically before expiry, there is no need to re-apply.

You are able to travel free of charge on any local bus service throughout England.


Who can apply?

The pass is available to residents of Swale Borough Council who are:

     Aged 60 or over

     Partially sighted or without sight

     Suffering a disability that seriously impairs your ability to walk a distance of up to

     100 metres

     Has a learning disability since childhood that significantly affects intelligence and

     social functioning

     Without speech or hearing

     Without the use of both arms

     Would be refused a drivers licence due to medical fitness (but not due to misuse of


If you do not consider yourself to be in one of these categories you will not be eligible for a free bus pass.

If you are unable to travel alone, you may apply for a companion pass which requires written confirmation from your doctor. This concession is provided by Swale Borough Council but is not supported by all councils. Therefore, the pass may not allow the companion free travel for journeys commencing outside the Swale area. There is a £10 charge for this pass.


How to apply

     By telephone to our Customer Service Centre 

     Complete an Application Form

     By visiting one of the Council Offices in person.

Completed applications should be returned with original supporting documentation to one of the 3 Council Offices locations.


What to do if your details change

If your details change please contact our Customer Service Centre.

If you move out of Swale or you no longer require the pass please return it to:

    Swale Borough Council, Trinity Road, Sheerness, Kent ME12 2PG.

(Remember to apply to your new local council if another pass is required).


Lost or stolen bus passes

There is a £10 administration fee unless the pass has been stolen in which case you will be required to provide a police crime number.

If you need a replacement Bus Pass you will need to complete 'Application Form -(Replacement) Bus Pass' which is available to download in the Application Forms section below. The completed form and a cheque payable to Swale Borough Council should be returned to one of the Council Offices at:-

Swale House                        Alexander Centre                   Trinity Road

East Street                           Preston Street                        Sheerness

Sittingbourne                        Faversham

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