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Kent County Council Home Care Contracts

Below are copies of two letters Kent County Council will be sending out to people in Kent who receive home care services.  These letters contain some details about changes to these services that may affect people who receive them.

We know that you may not deliver any of these services but are aware that you may come into contact with people who do. 

We thought it might be useful for you to see the letters, in case the people that receive them are worried or concerned and approach you for reassurance,  for help in understanding the letters or support for where to go to for help.

We do not expect you to bear any responsibility in conveying this message and are sending them to you purely for information purposes. However, if approached for any help by people receiving these services please signpost them to our website www.kent.gov.uk/homecare however, details of our website and contact telephone numbers are on the letters.

Many thanks


Strategic Commissioning – Community Support | Kent County Council | 3rd Floor, Brenchley House, Maidstone, ME14 1RF | www.kent.gov.uk





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Councillors shown pedestrian traffic danger

Retail park road safety discussion

Report by Suz Elvey


The need to improve road safety for pedestrians walking to Sittingbourne Retail Park has been highlighted.

Bryan Pringle of Swale Seniors Forum met with councillors at the junction of Mill Way, Milton Road Eurolink Way.

He said: "Getting across Eurolink Way is difficult, it's dangerous. The hatched area makes it more like three lanes that have to be crossed."

"The issue was raised at a Swale Seniors Forum meeting and the chances are, if one person mentions it, a lot of other people are feeling it."

after experiencing the difficulty of crossing, Labour's Roger Truelove, Elvie Lowe from the Lib Dems and Tory county councillors Mike Whiting and Alan Willicombe discussed the problem with Mr Pringle.

Mr Willicombe said: "They do have traffic calming measures within the park but trying to cross that road, to get to the park, can at times be really dangerous."

It was agreed the volume and speed of traffic between Mill Way and Eurolink Way contributed to the danger to pedestrians but all were keen that a solution did not disrupt the town's traffic flow.

Mr Willicombe said roads in that part of Sittingbourne were likely to alter in the near future due to the planned development of the town.

Mr Truelove said he had asked Essential Land, owner of the former paper mill site, to consider putting a bridge between its site and the retail park.

Mr Whiting said a quicker and cheaper solution could be a zebra crossing. He proposed it went to the east of the roundabout and said he had asked the county council to look into it.

The Swale Seniors Forum has said pedestrians of all ages and abilities struggle to cross the road.

Mr Pringle said "A ramped walkway, a bit like Jades's Crossing on the A249, would be ideal if we could get it.

When asked if he thought Tesco's plans to build a pedestrian bridge, linking St Michael's Road to land north of Eurolink Way, would solve the problem he added: "When is it going to happen? Consider the developments that have happened on the mill site in six months and what's not happened with regard to Tesco's plans in how many years?"

A spokesman for Essential Land acknowledged the idea of a bridge and said the company was "working on various transport proposals".

He said a planning application for a new supermarket and housing for its site was likely to be submitted to Swale Council in the next two to three weeks and added: "Morrisons is signed up. The supermarket coming to Sittingbourne is definitely only subject to planning permission."



Article and photograph courtesy of The East Kent Gazette.

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