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The Bus Services: a Boon or a Bane

        What do you think about the provision of bus services in Swale? At our Open Forums we have had many critical comments on the present bus services. As a result we have set up a special sub-committee to look into the problems many people experience. One result of the work of this Group has been the holding of a Transport Conference.


Delegates at the Conference


       On Wed. 28th April we held our first conference to discuss the local bus services and the improvements we want to see for Senior Citizens in Swale. About 100 people attended at the UK Paper Leisure Club in The Avenue of Remembrance, Sittingbourne. The conference was chaired by a member of our Management Committee, Mr. Jim Mitchell, who is the convener of the Transport Group. He explained the work currently being done by this group and the financial support they have been receiving through South East Coastal Communities/Canterbury Christchurch University. Gillian Wells who is the co-ordinator of the out-reach work being done by Canterbury Christchurch fed back on research the Transport Group had done on bus and other transport services.

       As a result of this support, our Transport Group has been enabled to run a questionnaire to find out exactly what the experiences of older people have been when using the bus services. Based on an analysis of the answers received, they have now compiled a list of objectives to set themselves. They are as follows:-

(a) to produce a Leaflet summarising public transport in Swale;

(b) to work with existing transport providers to try and get regular services direct to local
hospitals to fit in with hospital appointment-times;

(c) to try and influence improvement to bus-stop waiting areas, especially at the Forum in Sittingbourne;

(d) to try and work with advocates who will help us to make our complaints productively;

(e) to seek to improve access onto the buses for disabled people;

(f) to investigate having bus-timetables accessible by mobile phone;

(g) to advocate improvements to pedestrian access to the new Sittingbourne Retail Park on the north side of St. Michael’s Road (people without cars dare not cross the road here);

(h) to seek to improve the evening bus services on the Isle of Sheppey;

(i) to look to improve Sunday bus services.

       We have also found that this topic has been taken up in one form or another by every Forum in Kent and we are re

For useful information on transport please open leaflet

'Guide to Available Transport in Swale' in 'LINKS' section of this site.